Next planting session (Sunday June 26)

We’ve taken a look at the FFF plantings around town and there’s the expected mixture of success, failure, and “could do better”!

Gravel Walk: The fruit bushes are doing really well, but are being overcome by climbing weeds. We will tidy this up on Sunday from 10am.

  • Park opposite the Medical Centre: The pear and apple trees here are all doing pretty well. They just need some formative pruning in the Autumn.
  • Town Park orchard: Several of the apple trees are growing well. However, there’s been a bit of vandalism, with some tree shelters stolen and several trees snapped off. I’ll replace these this week.
  • United Church: The apple trees are generally growing well, but some are suffering from leaf curl, and a couple of the tree shelters have gone missing. I’ll treat the trees and replace the shelters this week.
  • Swan park (opposite Swan Inn): Some of the fruit bushes in the two raised beds that we planted up are doing well, but several haven’t grown. We’ll replace these with spare raspberry bushes that we have in stock at 2pm this Sunday. We left one of the raised beds planted with green manure plants, which also need to be tidied up.
  • Corner plot near Budgens: About half of the gooseberry bushes we planted here are doing well, while the other half have been liberated by naughty people. I’ll just tidy up the plot and we can replant again in the Autumn.
  • Land near rugby pitches: The cubs planted several apple trees here. All of the tree shelters and stakes have been taken, but about five trees remain, now severely nibbled by rabbits because of their lack of protection! I’ll replace the tree shelters this week.
  • Catholic Church: The apple trees at the front are doing OK (they struggle a bit with the poor substrate), and Sjoerd is busy training the trees and vine in the courtyard before the wall is painted with various biblical stories (my vote is for a serpent behind the apple trees!).
  • Town Centre planters: These are currently looking a little sparse. We’ll tidy them and plant up the gaps this Sunday from 10am. In the Autumn we will empty them completely and replace the soil with a wicking bed system which retains water more effectively.

So….if anyone wants to help out then please come along this Sunday at 10 am to either the Market Square, to help with the planters, or to Gravel Walk, to help with weeding around the fruit bushes. If you can’t make it to the morning session then please come along to Swan Park at 2pm to help plant raspberries and have a general tidy up.